Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Neat Finds at a Green Show

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This past weekend, we spent a day at a green show where fellow green entrepreneurs came together to share their wares and green information. We were promoting our green education and the products we sell as Shaklee independent distributors. I’m not typically a lover of trade shows, but at many of these green shows, you see the neatest things. One thing I have to admit about green products is that they are “way cool!” There are so many innovative and creative minds behind the new products that are now available on the market. Some of the items you see are regular products made green and others are ones you never thought of and thanks to some individuals who cared enough and whose mission is more green than I may ever be (I’ll consume what they create), we have new products that are quality, eco-friendly, attractive when necessary, and affordable. What more can you ask for in a product and or service?

Like computer and technology shows use to be on every corner in California, green shows and events are now the popular place to be. A lot of the shows are still technology based, but every once in a while you get to see small businesses with big “green dreams.” I enjoy seeing products created by regular people, like moms and dads, whose motivation is fueled by their children or a genuine desire to help people by making their lives easier.

Munchie Mugs is a product made by a company with big green dreams. The Munchie Mug is manufactured by Witty Works, which is a northern California based company. Created by Phil, a precision machinist by trade (and a fulltime grandfather), and marketed by his children and their families, the mug has resulted in becoming a “100% BPA free,” safe kids’ cup of convenience that is also environmentally friendly. This nifty, snack carrying container enables children to conveniently carry and retrieve their snacks while providing a spill-proof experience, relieving mom and dad from clean up duty. The cover protected top also provides some what of a game to the child having to reach inside the lid and pull out the “prize” or treat. If you’re tired of cleaning up after snack-time, then the Munchie Mug may be just what you need.

My youngest is 19 months old and I’m enjoying what I’m sure are the last few months of the honor of breastfeeding him. The intimacy has been a pleasure, even though I’m sure I’ve been “used” quite a few times, but I encourage any mother who has the desire to nurse to do so. I believe I gave up too early with my first son, and I actually had to wean my daughter (and myself) who was over two when she stopped. I’ve enjoyed the quiet time together, the comfort he gets from being close to me, and the enduring connection that started at his conception.

When my son was younger and we were out in public, I usually tried to be respectful whenever hunger/nursing pangs would come over him. Often times, full body covering wasn’t available and I had to satisfy him at THAT MOMENT regardless of the lack of privacy available. “That moment” may be inconvenient, offensive to others, and leaves a mom no other choice with a hungry baby in her arms. Nonie Veccia stepped up to the plate with her desire to make life a little bit more comfortable and peaceful for mother and baby with the “birth” of her organization “Mom’s Breastaurant.” Providing a shaded, quiet, and comfortable area where babies can nurse, receive diaper changes, and older siblings can be entertained while waiting has been a blessing to many mothers attending outdoor events, which is usually where Nonie sets up her booth. The organization was personally bankrolled at start-up by Nonie, but recently received non-profit status allowing her to accept tax-free donations. These donations have allowed the organization to grow and continue to improve the already great services the breastaurant offers. Many of the events attended by Mom’s Breastaurant have been on the west coast, but Nonie has provided mommy and baby services as far a Louisiana. If the breastaurant sounds like a great place for your event attendess to eat, then contact Nonie at Mom’s Breastaurant. I’m sure the babies will rave about the great food they ate your event and tell others.

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