Monday, May 26, 2008

Win a Subcription to Cottage Living

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I've got a secret and I want to share...Whenever I have a “mindless moment” where I just want to sit down, relax, and look at pretty pictures, I crack open the latest issue of Cottage Living magazine. I have a lot of these moments and it, unfortunately, takes me more than one month to read through one issue. This is exactly the reason why I decided to not renew my subscription. I never could find the time to cater to my "mindless moments" and instead starting building a pile of unread magazines. I know, I know, not too eco-friendly and a great example of unnecessary consumption. Well, I went grocery shopping the other day and got sidetracked at the check-out stand by one of the more child-friendly magazines, the latest issue of Cottage Living. The pictures do it every time. A great picture can make me travel somewhere I’ve never been, eat something I know I won’t like, and slave for hours in the kitchen preparing a recipe with several ingredients that I swore I would never try. Why does this happen? I don’t know, but I did buy the latest issue and YES, I’m going to subscribe again.

Cottage Living promotes simple living (pretty green), some decorating indulgences, green tips, and provides an enjoying way to spend ten (10)…15 minutes of "mindless moment" time during a busy day. If you’re lucky, you may even get to sit and read from cover to cover. I would like to give one lucky winner a chance at that opportunity. Little Green Secret’s secret revealed is Cottage Living magazine (if you haven’t figured it out yet). If you can already imagine which chair you’ll sit in while enjoying reading your latest issue of Cottage Living magazine, then read how to qualify:

Earn One Entry Submission for each of the following (total of three entries)
1. Leave a comment at Little Green Secrets about how you best spend your “mindless moment” time.
2. Mention this post on your blog/Web site and link back ( )to it.
3. Subscribe by E-mail to naturalbaby at littlegreensecrets dot com.
Remember to include your spam proof E-mail address because I really want you to win! Also, we'll be having some fun specials in future newsletters.

Earn Two Entry Submissions
1. Add the I've "gotta" secret button, shown in the left column of the blog, to your blog/Web site and tell me. Just copy and paste the code shown below the button.

You can earn a total of five (5) entry submissions. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Tuesday, July 1, 2008. This contest is open to U.S. residents only.

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