Monday, May 26, 2008

Clean up, clean up everybody, everywhere!

This mission was a work in progress. We wanted to make a difference wherever we decided to clean up, so we have been in search of garbage for a few weeks. I thought finding garbage was going to be an easy task. I see it everywhere. It’s only when you’re looking for something that it is so hard to find. The highway we travel on had a lot of garbage. Since we didn’t have any bright orange jumpsuits on hand and considering my helpers were all under the age of seven, I figured, for safety, the side of the road wouldn’t be such a good idea. The next thought was cleaning up around a local lake, but there didn’t seem to be too much garbage hanging around. The few parks we passed were litter free too. I guess I should have been happy, but I wanted garbage and "I wanted it now." On our way home, we decided on an empty, commercial lot.

The day of the mission, we reported for duty. At first we considered going somewhere else because we wanted big garbage so we could see a difference after we left. On the surface, the lot didn't appear too "garbagy" (Is that a word?) The idea of driving around in the car and looking for garbage didn't make sense if we were trying to help the environment.

We walked through the entire lot and picked up everything we found. One helper was responsible for plastics, another paper, and Mom got everything else. Some items had been there for quite a while evidenced by how they were wedged into the soil. You won't believe what things we found - GARBAGE!

When we were finished, my oldest made the comment, "There was alot of garbage afterall." Doing an overview, the lot looked pretty much the same, but our collection of three, filled grocery bags gave us a sense of pride knowing that we made a difference even if it wasn't easily noticed. Sometimes, work that truly makes a difference is silent.

By the way. The Little Green Secrets cleaning crew is available for hire. They love their work and don't eat much.

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