Friday, May 23, 2008

The Indy 500 Goes Green

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer…Well, not quite, but it will be just as fast if not faster. My husband is a television watching Indy 500 fan. He has had the opportunity to attend trial runs, but has opted and prefers watching the race on television. There are fewer crowds and the television cameras always seem to give you all of the pictures that you might miss from sitting in the stands. Fortunately, this Sunday, he will pull himself away to enjoy part of the day with the family (no couch potatoes here).

This is probably one place where the star-studded attendance of celebrities like Marcus Allen, Jenna Elfman, Patricia Heaton, Florence Henderson, Drew Lachey, Ludacris, Marlee Matlin, Bode Miller, Jason Priestly, Slash, Kristi Yamaguchi (I think that’s enough name dropping) and more is overlooked by something much bigger – the actual race of The Indianapolis 500-Mile Race (affectionately called Indy 500 or “The 500”). Recognized as one of three races that make up the Triple Crown of Motorsport, the Indy 500 is an annual race held over the Memorial Day Weekend in Speedway, Indiana.

Besides fast cars, celebrity appearances, and the possibility of the first woman, Danica (with two other women, Sarah Fisher – a driver and team owner, and Milka Duno also racing), winning the race, there is something new this year at the 92nd Indy 500 as it GOES GREEN! Spearheaded by Planet Green, celebrities (here we go again) will offer eco-friendly tips throughout the day (from drinking organic beer – hmm - to requests to “USE THE RECYCLING BINS ON RACE GROUNDS” – pretty simple) on things fans can do to make a positive difference. Planet Green is also outfitting the Indy 500 “after-party” cleaning crew, in organic cotton t-shirts, who will sort through all of the garbage produced during this eventful weekend identifying items that can be recycled and taking them to recycling centers. All of the green clean-up footage will be featured on “G-Word,” which is a new series on Green Planet presented by “Garbologist” Todd Sutton.

If you’re attending The 500 or any other outdoor event, then make it a green and natural experience with the following tips:

#1 Transportation
Consider carpooling or walking to the event. Many venues have hotel/motel accommodations within walking distance which fill-up with other sports (or whatever the occasion) lovin’ people like yourself. Depending upon the time of day of the event and weather, a relaxing stroll to begin a day of excitement may be just what you need to ensure a good time. With so many others attending, you are bound to make a few friends. Share a car, share the sidewalk, share some green tips along the way.

#2 Drink Plenty of Water
With a long day ahead, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. You can sport a fancy reusable water bottle with selections available for children and adults. If bottled water is still your speed, then check out this line of eco-friendly bottled water (yes, it made me laugh too). Remember to recycle because those plastic bottles can be made into some really cool stuff.

#3 Pack a Lunch
Save a dime and cut down on disposable containers. We all know one of the easiest ways to save money is to BYOB (bring your own bag) of food. Many outdoor venues allow patrons to bring in “outside food.” Eat more affordably, eat more nutritiously, and eat more eco-friendly. There are plenty of convenient and attractive storage food containers for traveling and outdoor use. Enjoy more than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

If you're going to the race, then have fun. Maybe, we'll see you in the stands as we're watching on televison from home.

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