Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Like What I See

Our family started running together about one month ago. My husband and I used to run three to four times a week together before we got married and a few months into our marriage. After I became pregnant with our first child, I slowed and completely stopped running. As a first time pregnant mom, any anxiety to be had, I had. I didn’t want the baby falling out unexpectedly. Three children later, I shamefully have the same pair of running shoes I’ve had for the past three years. The treads - What treads? - are non-existent and they are just a pair of old, beat up shoes that I still wear. In fact, all of my shoes are old and beat up.

I have been getting back to running (in my head) for days, months, years and finally decided that if I were ever going to run the marathon I wanted to run before I died, then I better get started. It is so peaceful to see someone running. I’m not sure what comes over me, but I just want to start running myself. Swimming has the same affect on me. It looks relaxing and I want to do it NOW!

As a family, we now run on Sundays after church. I make sure that we change into our running clothes once we walk through the door. I love to run, but the temptation to do something else - sit, eat, ‘veg” – is too real for me to not get dressed and out the door. When we go out, it is very entertaining. Dad in the lead pushing a jogging stroller followed by two children running, and then me. We are at three miles now and stop along the way to take water breaks and snack breaks making a relatively 15 minute run take almost one hour. Making time is not the goal, but rather spending time together is what we’re doing. The children actually do well completing almost one mile with great stride and their “push rod” arms.

I thought I would share a few of the sights we see during our Sunday runs. It is just so pretty. Green trees, rolling hills of grass, fluffy clouds in the sky; nature at its best. I like what I see and that is why I am going to keep sharing what I learn so that we can continue to make a positive difference. The next generation should be able to take their children on Sunday afternoon runs and enjoy the same beauty.

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