Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's cooking? Rolled Tofu Lasagna

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Tofu anyone? Are those happy feet I hear or ones running for the hilltops? Eew! Well, yeah if you decide to eat it as is with no seasonings. It doesn’t really have a taste and as far as looks go, has absolutely no “gotta have it" appeal. It just sits there and is pretty boring. Well listen to this. Tofu (toufu or bean curd) originated in China and is “low in calories, contains iron, is cholesterol-free," and is a versatile ingredient that can be added into most any recipe (from a delectable dessert to a spicy sauce) because of its minimal flavor. How is that for appeal? You can get the health benefits by adding it to any recipe and not even know that it is in there.

Rolled Tofu Lasagna is "What's cooking?" this week. This recipe is another staple in our home. I usually make it about four times a month. We really like it and it is easy and quick to prepare. I can almost make it with my eyes closed.

Quick Tip: I boil the lasagna noodles for six (6) minutes. This makes them perfect to roll and they are not hard after baking.

recipe: E-mail me for Rolled Tofu Lasagna.

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