Monday, August 4, 2008

Hangin' Out with the Crew

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I am back and not much rested. My house is still a mess, but I can get to that later. It only gets messy over and over again. I started mopping my floors yesterday and I have yet to finish. Meanwhile, the children have managed to make the floor I did clean look somewhat questionable. So, I will probably do it again when I finish mopping tomorrow.

I don’t know about any of you, but I didn’t get much of a summer vacation and it’s time to start back to school. We did very little today with school. I am going to start them slow, but now so we can get a good start and be off running by the time September arrives.

The Little Green Secrets Crew (LGSC) has been off for the past few weeks. While I took a break, they did too. A few weeks ago, the heat finally got warm enough for me and there was no denying it. It was time. We have lived in our home for about three years and it wasn’t until last year that we started enjoying the creek. There is a creek that runs through our property and it gets high enough for the children to play in, but not too high where we have to hold everyone for fear of them drowning. We are still cautious because we have “not quite able to swim yet” children. Mommy also dropped the ball and we may make it through our first summer with no swimming lessons.

Our weekends have been spent down at the creek swimming in the almost pristine and clear water. We can even see the fish (they’re small) swimming by, without us having to wear goggles. The children do know not to drink the water. We have a great time and it’s a wonderful way to bring the summer to a close and welcome the impending fall.

My husband says he can already sense it in the air. He can’t wait for it to arrive. Why is it that we long for the summer in the winter because it’s too cold and then turn around and long for the winter in the summer because it’s too hot? Since living here, I’m not sure if it’s my age or the fact that I get to actually experience seasons, but they seem to be coming more quickly. I wonder why it’s that way.

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