Monday, May 26, 2008

Carnival of the Green #129

There is a party over here and all are invited as Carnival of the Green rolls into my quiet, northern California town. Tofu on a stick anyone?

First, a thank you to The Evangelical Ecologist for hosting the previous carnival. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Are you ready? Here we go...I received Cindy’s submission over at My Recycled Bags first, but had to save her post for last. I found I was spending too much time looking at her creations and wasn’t able to address the task at hand; summarizing submissions for the Carnival of Green. I’ll have to come back to her later.

After reading Lill’s post at News from Hawkill Acres, I too have a headache. Her graphic descriptions create vivid pictures of continuous falling trees (“timber!”), metal pounding against metal, a drill sergeant yelling in your face (this didn’t happen), but just think LOUD for more than twelve hours a day (5am-7pm?). Even if it were two hours, that would still be enough for me. Why all the noise? It’s for the environment of course. In an effort to “improve the mix of hardwoods and softwoods on their 60 acres, while preserving the homes of wildlife that live on their property.” You can read how the progress is coming along. Lill, I’m sincerely offering you a vacation in sunny California, on five acres of already selectively tree-cut property. You’ll have to contend with my children, which could possibly send you running back to Maine, but it’s an offer.

I have been dreaming of a new car, but can’t justify spending the money let alone how to come up with the money. So, I still drive my environmentally unfriendly SUV. Chad at DigiBlog shows us the top green cars for 2008. So, after reading his post, I just sat back and dreamed on what could be. He presents some facts that all car buyers should be aware of, but I have to admit, I’m such the aesthetic shopper when it comes to cars and the facts and statistics are considered after I see how “pretty is the car.” We’re a Toyota family, so I was happy to see when we go green with our next automobile purchase, I can stay with Toyota and still buy a “pretty car.”

I guess it may be time to drop AAA? Tao over at The Tao of Change enlightens us on another option for roadside assistance even for bicycle riders. He introduces us to Better World Club which is the answer to any tree-huggin’, crunchy eating, environmentalist. No name calling here. If you care about the environment (crunchy eating or not), then there is another option and one from a company that not only offers green service, but also supports environmental clean up and advocacy. I was also surprised to read some interesting facts about AAA’s record on some issues. The next time you get stuck on the side of the road, then do as Tao does.

Betsy at Money Changes Things expresses why I often eat at home before heading out to any stadium or coliseum type functions in her post The Greenest Ballpark in the World: Washington Nationals, but What’s to Eat? Here is a newly constructed (LEEDS Silver Certified too) ballpark that obviously cost a lot of money. How much more could it have possibly cost to mix a few fresh and “green and natural” food options onto the concession menu? Another great green idea, that somehow lost green and natural momentum towards the end of completion. I guess we should be thankful for their efforts. I wonder what would happen if they offered the people what they needed (healthier choices) instead of what they wanted (more fried food); or could they really want healthier food?

First, let me give a shout-out (Is that allowed? Well, it's already out there!) to my fellow northern Californian Beth over at Fake Plastic Fish. I love her blog name and this article made me really think. Plastic is used everywhere in hospitals. While recognizing “… it's there to protect us...But some of it does actual harm.” There is so much talk about plastics in sippy cups (which is important), but what about the plastics used to store our blood supply which is supposed to be contaminate-free? After making a blood donation at her local Red Cross, Beth became concerned with this issue and decided to do something about it. From reading her E-mail dialogue with a compliance manager for Red Cross, we may have the birthing of an advocate here.

Sally, over at Veggie Revolution, handed the reins over to her husband as he shed light on “green suppression” enforced by the neighborhood homeowner’s association. Ken, a high-school biology teacher, goes beyond the book to teach his students green lifestyle changes only to have the student’s interests and enthusiasm “shut-down” by the very association that exists to “maintain a better environment for its community.” Ken’s examples of what the association considers “better” were quite amusing. Rules are rules, but I hope his students retain what Ken is teaching them and use the ideas once they move out on their own from the “protection” of their current environment.

Penny parks the car and puts on her walking shoes at Money and Values as she offers 15 wise vacation tips. I enjoyed her ideas, but must admit that I would rather travel in my car than fly in an airplane. I just enjoy riding in the comfort of my own car (no rentals) and actual look forward to the experience. Her suggestions were great if you’re vacationing in larger cities, but vacations in rural areas (which I enjoy) may require a car; I do plenty of walking/hiking once I arrive. One thing for sure, if you follow her tips, then you will definitely get an insider’s look at the city where you’re visiting and during these high gas price times, have more spending money.

Lisa exposes government waste at its best over at Greener Pastures. When the USPS isn’t raising the price of stamps, they’re not idle. It’s disheartening to learn that our federal government would rather make a “buck” than promote a healthier environment.

I think Penny and Elizabeth over at Go Green Travel Green should get together and plan a vacation for Lill. Elizabeth has some great ideas about traveling green and having fun while you’re doing it.

If you ever feel like Cinderella, where the stroke of midnight comes a little too soon leaving you wondering where the time has gone, then GP at Innstyle Montana has a few suggestions on how to make the most of your time. Looking at everyday chores from the extreme of watering livestock to chimney maintenance and on to preventing "caked and dried food" on a dinner plate, we need to recognize our time is important and to use it wisely. GP states the obvious, "read the directions first, before all else fails," which I often fail to do (remember, I'm a picture "reader") causing much wasted time. Read her tips and offer a few.

Last, but not least…I came across Cindy’s (RecycleCindy) blog a few months ago and intended to return (never made it until now). All I can say is, “Wow, way cool!” She has so many unusual ideas for recycling and crafting items. I do a lot of craft projects with my children for homeschool and thought some of her projects would be fun to include in class. If you’re not crafty, but would like to have one of her items, then visit her online store. Besides her creativity, I was also impressed with her stories about her “pink journey.” Cindy, I’m praying for you!

Cindy, because you keep crafting, I will stock up on my plastic bags (huh?).

This was a lot of fun and very informative. I have found some new blogs to visit and look forward to more great information as the carnival continues. Next week, it’s over to Green Ladywell as host of Carnival of the Green #130.

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Greener Pastures said...

Thank you for posting my article. I like your site-

RecycleCindy said...

Thank you for hosting this week's Carnival of the Green. Also I so appreciate all the kind comments and thoughts about me and my blog. I hope you enjoy doing some of my recycled bag projects.

Jay Andrew Allen said...

Lots of great articles (and blogs) to consume here. Thanks so much!

The news about The Green Ballpark That Wasn't is sad. How ridiculous is it that we eat some of the worst, most disgusting food imaginable while watching elite athletes play ball?!