Friday, June 20, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I'm (not) Green

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I love good conversation, but I don’t always initiate. I also love to argue, but I’m not antagonistic. I do sometimes wonder why I never became a lawyer, but remember that I don’t hold them in high regard (I guess until I need one). Good conversation and an interesting debate were had between Nature Mom and Green and Clean Mom last week. I enjoyed reading the posts and also gained a new comfort level in where I fit in all of the “greenness” that is going on online and offline. The conversation was very opinionated, became a little heated, and then ended quite friendly because in the blogging world we agree and disagree, but at the end of the day it’s opinions that are the life-blood of the blogging world. If there were no opinions, there would be no need to blog. We would all agree and spend our days basking in the sun as it shined all day long.

If you are going to blog, then be prepared for someone to disagree with or question you and get over it (checking the thickness of my skin). Living more green and natural isn’t a religion for me because I have another religion (I thank God), but rather a way of life. I’m not disciplined enough to say that I walk above the green line wearing a crown nor do I ignore an opportunity to be a little more green and natural. I’ve figured that “I’m alright.” I’m not the greenest of green because I’m still learning and thanks to my fellow bloggers, I get some great information, learn of valuable resources, learn from personal experiences, and read opinions that offer the opportunity to consider (or not) another path on this green and natural journey. As far as green goes, for now, here I am, I know where I want to go, why I’m going there, and how far I want to go (at least I think I do).

So, this is where I am now. If you check with me in six (6) months, then maybe something will have changed. Until then, "Don’t Hate Me Because I’m (not) Green."

1. I love long hot showers, but I wash my clothes in cold water.
2. I drive an SUV, but I go to town/drive usually only two days a week because I schedule to save gas, time, and money. Also, the SUV is a perfect size for our large family and everything that comes with one.
3. I love buying a bright, shiny, new book to read, but I've reduced my magazine subscriptions from four to one and our library cards are used frequently every month.
4. I use probably more toilet paper than I should (Is this a women thing?), but I have tremendously reduced the amount of paper towels we use, which I buy recycled.
5. I will wash a piece of clothing in a minute, but wash large loads and use natural and non-toxic cleaners.
6. I still occasionally buy bottled water, but use well and filtered water when at home and will finally be buying reusable, BPA free containers next week. Don’t ask me why it took so long. Also, we recycle the bottles because I am determined to buy me a Cagoule hat.
7. I leave my computer on ALL DAY (please be kind), but don’t watch a lot of television and do listen to a lot of radio.
8. I still use conventional feminine products, but Nature Mom has made me curious enough to look into trying alternatives to disposables which I may actually do. I never knew of such until I read it there. See, I'm learning.
9. I, like Green and Clean Mom, have a child who has Asthma, which requires Albuterol treatments, but have found natural alternatives resulting in, I believe, a healthier child. Having been in the trenches a little longer has provided opportunity to find out what works best for him. I was determined for my son to not go the route of “daily, doctor prescribed medication.“ Instead, treatments are required only a few times a year. Green and Clean Mom, continue your search until you find natural alternatives that work best for your daughter.
10. My husband enjoys using his John Deere riding lawn mower (and I love the look and smell of freshly cut grass), but on occasion, he uses his manual lawn mower to get a good workout. With the amount of grass, it's definitely a work-out.

If you still want to measure my “greeness” on a scale, then feel free. I won’t be offended because this is how I’m going green and natural and regardless of what anyone else says, because this is my personal journey. I’m glad to have my fellow bloggers, people who agree and disagree, and others who are too learning their way, along for the ride.

I am going to tag three fellow bloggers (Nature Mom, Green and Clean Mom, and New Green Mama) to see if they will share with us, at least ten (10) ways they are still challenged to be green, but what they have also accomplished on their personal journey. Through their responses, you will learn that we are all on different levels (“different shades of green” as Green and Clean Mom would say), going green for different reasons, but are commited to making a positive difference.

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kiwimeg said...

I discovered your blog today - thanks to Green and Clean Mom!! - and I am so glad I did. I love it . . .

This post is just awesome. Its so easy to feel superior or dismally discouraged when we compare our 'greenness' to that of others. But its a personal journey for each of us and we all have our priorities and those dreadful vices that we just can't shake :)

hanks for sharing your journey!!

Jen said...


I finally have my 10 things up. Check it out:

New Green Mama

Community Seeds said...

Hi Jennifer! I have been dealing with similar issues and I think it would make a good little article for Community Seeds! I just threw a party for my son and felt guilty about not being greener. I have since researched how to throw a greener party and perhaps I should add that to the magazine! I guess I need to purchase carbon offsets, but somehow that seems too easy.

Mimi said...

There are extremists for everything. There are people who tell others you are not latin enough, gay enough, religious enough, poor enough, rich enough... there are some poeple who will never be happy. I think you are doing great!