Thursday, June 12, 2008

What's Cooking? Taco Salad

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Anything Mexican gets me going. I believe it is my love for carbohydrates. Shamefully, I must admit that when we lived closer to a city, many a family meal was eaten at Chevy's. I would blame it on the kids if it weren't for their yummy salsa which I absolutely love. Are chips and salsa a viable meal? Since the drive is a little futher now (try one hour, instead of ten minutes), I've had to rely on my own creativity and a few good recipes to get us through our "Mexican-meal-fixes."

This is my version of a taco salad, minus the meat, of course. You want meat, then toss it in as I do for my husband. I could eat this salad a few days in a row. Taco Salad is What's Cooking?" this week.

recipe: E-mail me for Taco Salad.

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Jen said...

Mexican food is my weakness as well. Taco salad is my favorite!!!I think I could eat it every day.