Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's Cooking? Hummus

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First off. Forgive me because I like using my own pictures, but until I get one, this will have to do. I love hummus (I love chick peas). Who would have known? I stumbled upon it one day, somewhere, but I don't recall when and/or where. All I know is that I could actually eat it as a side and be happy. Of course, some seasoning would be required. I am an "accidental cook." Sewing used to be my forte, now I have moved to computers, and cooking (especially baking) is running a close second. I do like things quick and easy, but for some reason, I would rather make from scratch than to buy prepared. I used to buy packaged hummus. I had never thought about making it until I picked up a copy of "Something Extra," which is the coolest freebie magazine in the world published by the grocery chain of Raley's/Bel Air/Nob Hill. If you can get your hands on this magazine, then I highly suggest you do so. I think it is a west coast print and distribute (sorry), but I have heard of some people managing to send some to "the outside." It is just that good. The pictures make you want to cook.

If you are challenged in the kitchen, then the recipes and tips are right up your alley because all of the ingredients for the recipes are items carried by the store (pretty smart). They do almost everything, except take you by the hand and walk you up and down the aisles, telling you in which department to locate each ingredient. Alot of the recipes have meat, but I just exclude, and every once in a while, they have a few vegetarian or fruit dishes throughout.

Back to "What's Cooking?" I still have my Spring 2006 issue that contains a really, really easy hummus recipe. I love it and make it alot. Hummus is "What's Coooking?" this week. It is great as a spread, a side, a dressing, a dip...should I keep going? If you haven't tried hummus before (or you may have and not known it), then give it a try. You can season and flavor in so many different ways that it can have many tastes. It is a multi-purpose (a word not often used regarding food - or better versatile) food. Also, it is extremely nutritious.

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