Friday, June 13, 2008

I Think I've Found My Calling

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While attending college, I was several majors (in my head) before I decided on and finally finished with a B.A. in English. I had no idea what I was going to do with that degree, but I knew that it was a great foundation for many graduate areas, and plus everyone should know how to write a complete, coherent, grammatically correct sentence. Well, I never pursued a masters degree (sorry Mom), but have had careers in retail management, technical writing, Web design, and now I'm finally getting the opportunity to do what I have always wanted to do which is write (blog?). That is the beauty of the Internet. It can make dreams of becoming a published author come true with the click of a button (mouse? - Who thought up these words? - blog?...mouse?). Whether or not I have an audience is a different story. Hello? Are you out there? I'll just believe that you are and I will keep on writing (blogging) to my heart's content. This is a lot of fun and I'm learning so much about green and natural living that I want to share.

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