Monday, June 9, 2008

The Tree That Started it All (I Hope)

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We had so much fun completing this mission that we will be planting more trees later this year. I was also inspired to go ahead and start another herb garden of which I'll write more about later.

As usual, I had three willing and eager workers who were ready to work on and complete this project. They were already making plans for the "fruit of their labor."

We picked up a Fuji apple tree at a local nursery. Fuji apples are a red, mixed breed (Red Delicious and Rawls Jennet) apple with a sweet and crispy taste. The Little Green Secrets (LGS) mission crew go through many of these apples in a week when they're in season.

Dad also joined us and we appreciate his "heavy and very strong hands" because there was alot of digging. We send a special THANK YOU! to Dad for his help because we were able to find every tool except the one he needed to dig the very deep hole. Dad had to flex his muscles and work really hard. This mission took a little longer than expected.

I bet if we had let them continue to dig, then they would have dug a large enough hole by themselves. I will put that hard work to use next week to pull weeds. Somehow, it will become a school lesson. I manage to turn anything into a school lesson.

Once the hole was ready, the tree plopped right into place. A lot of hard word for a simple finish. After that, the LGS mission crew finished up with organic soil and water to give our new tree a healthy start.

We are quite pleased with our little tree.
All of us are looking forward to enjoying local and pesticide free apples from our tree by walking outside to our backyard. Now, how to keep the deer from doing the same?

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