Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sustain and Save

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Repurposing, swapping or sharing, or consigning items is not only a great way to save money, but also a great way to make money. Since our reality is now $4 gallon gas with rising food prices, it makes more sense to spend our dollars wisely and get as much value from them as we can. New is not always better when used is down right functional, serves the need, and promotes sustainability while also saving you money.

The idea of "used" is not so taboo anymore. Repurposing, ‘using or converting for use in another format or product:’ (ex: denim organizer, pillow case dress, and more), is a great way to sustain the “life” of an item, promote creativity, and save you a few dollars by not having to buy new.

Swapping and sharing or trading items is something that many of us already do whether outfitting children through growing spurts or sitting down great read. and enjoying a If your need for an item is only for a short period of time, then choosing one of these options is another alternative that can save you money.

Consigning is not a new concept, but has become big business moving from the familiar church hall to events being held bi-annually and annually at convention centers and fairgrounds. A following has continued to the Internet where quality, used items, and a "great deal" can also be found from the convenience of your home.

I am a product of the '80s (call it good or bad) and spent quite a few years browsing and shopping in thrift stores. I leaned more towards vintage clothing and found some great buys. Over the years, I kept a few and it has been long enough for those pieces to cycle through and become stylish once again - for the third, fourth, fifth(?) time. I'm not suggesting that you continue hanging onto that "favorite" knee-high skirt or Cinderella ball gown waiting for that ultimate evening that may never come because you "really just don't dress like that." I am suggesting that you LET IT GO! Let someone else get some good use of it and if it is really yours "it will come back to you." Does that work with clothing?

My daughter has been blessed to receive clothing, from a good friend, that has taken her through past seasons and will carry her through the next year or so. My friend couldn't wait to get these clothes out of her home. Her daughter had outgrown them and she saw no sense in keeping them and creating clutter while someone else could get more use out of them. We have been and are still using the clothing. After my daughter outgrows them, then I will do the same and pass on whatever is in good condition to another who is able to use. Yes, I'll probably include my vintage treasures.

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