Monday, June 16, 2008

Indoor Summer Fun

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A no fail fun "toy" for children is play doh. I don't remember playing with it as much when I was younger as I do now with my children. It is kinda cool and fun until pieces of non-play doh get rolled and flattened into it or it dries out and becomes really hard. The former had already been thrown away leaving us with the remaining almost crunchy pieces that were pretty much useless for real fun. Our stash was not enough to distribute among three children and it was time to buy more.

I am trying to be more conscious about the type of toys that I now buy. Fortunately, my children don’t require a new toy every time I turn around. I wrote about that in a previous post for which I got in trouble for offline. My Dad is still trying to figure out how to submit a comment regarding that post. Since he can't yet figure out how to leave a comment (I don’t think I’ll show him), I get the comments whenever I see him. He won’t be buying his grandchildren any used toys. He may have a point. Parents are so wise. After all, I’m one and I want my children to believe the same thing.

It would have been so easy to run to Target (my favorite mom store – I’m not sure how that happened) and buy more Play- Doh. Well, I was recently visiting Green Mom Finds where Cristina posted a recipe for play dough which she found at I took it as a sign and here we are making play doh.

All of the ingredients are staples for us, so that made making it even easier. As always, my Little Green Secrets mission crew was in ready formation. I made the mistake of telling them earlier in the morning that we would be making play doh, so they worried me until we were ready to start. The recipe is straight forward and very, very easy. We doubled the recipe, so the one (1) cup of salt caught me a little off guard, but no worries. There was no clumping, icky gooey, or real mess. The flour even wasn’t a nightmare after adding the water.

Because you know it’s going to happen…I didn’t have to worry about the baby sampling along the way since all of the ingredients are edible. He actually (they all did) found it tasty. I’ll have to believe them.

My oldest said the color was boring, but they are still playing with the play doh late in the afternoon. I am going to prepare another batch and have it ready for when it's time to replace what we made today. I'm not sure when that may be because, it “doesn’t dry out.” At least I’ll be ready for when non-play doh pieces get rolled or flattened into it, which really grosses me out.

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