Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Go All the Way

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If you are going to clean green, then why not go all the way? Here is just a taste of a few green and natural products that you can use to clean while practicing being a little more eco-friendly. You may end up spending more
time in awe and curiosity (How did they do that?), while trying to figure out how a wood chip becomes a sponge soft enough to clean delicate surfaces, yet abrasive enough to remove caked on food from last night’s dinner plate. These sponges are made out of a product called viscose, which is very absorbent, effective - think sheepskin (but no dead animals) - and softens with each machine wash allowing you to "wring out and use to dry again and again". If you are a little nutty, then you may prefer the Sponge With Walnut Scrubber, which is made from "50% post consumer recycled materials." Just remember, don’t try to eat it.

Sponges are no good without cleaners. Continue your green cleaning with high performance, concentrated cleaners, stain removers, and cleaning supplies that also include an organic, all-purpose cleaner that is Green Seal certified.

Gain more green points with a recycled mop and a sustainable handle made from 80% recycled bottles. Natural fiber and organic dish towels are one way, but if you can't seem to get away from the paper, then why not try recycled paper and go all the way?

Are you excited about cleaning yet? If anything, cleaning will be a little more interesting. Still not sold? Consider hiring a cleaning company for periodic or regular services. Any telephone book contains pages of cleaning services, but look for ones that use green cleaners and if possible follow green practices.

You can now cross cleaning off of your "To Do" list.

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